Saturday Morning Post (May 15th) by Luc De Vos

Dear Reader,

Another week of May has passed and still not really a hot summer in sight. We are however slowly but surely starting up the swimming pool gear again. If it ain’t going to happen this week then it wil probably be next week. 😊

This week we also (finally) got elected and have access to the beta program of following almost 1.5 years after our very first call with Matt in December 2019. I do believe this unique intertwined combination of a classic spreadsheet, with database functions and forms, all-in-one does have a reason to exist. I’m particularly fond of the data types possible on cell level. We’ll be playing a bit with it in the next months and report back to you.

Furthermore there is an article about Swiss bank Pictet, Vinted’s recent round of funding (an impressive €250M) and a new post of Stephen on Why the Universe should exist. Deep stuff…

For the Flemish speaking and readers amongst us, this Ascension Day week is flavoured with a post about the usage of a concept of Karl Marx (“Das Kapital”) by Frank Vandenbroucke (who else) and an accompanying post with roots from the Bible. Or in short: about “Het rijk der Vrijheid” and “Zalig wezen de Armen van Geest”. Food for philosophers. 😇

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