Saturday Morning Post (Oct 2nd) by Luc De Vos

Dear Reader,

There were no Saturday Morning Post editions for the past 3 weeks due to some joyful holidays we took; composed of a two week trip through Portugal and followed by some relaxing stay at the Belgian coast.

September was predicted as a minor month on the stock markets so we sold stock on September 1 and stepped out temporarily. Looking back this was not a bad thing to do, markets are in general 5% down already compared with one month ago. We are still 65% in cash.

The post of Nexxworks about the Economics of Disinformation is certainly recommended reading as it summarizes nicely current insights in “mass medianomics”.

Finally also big news on the Belgian unicorn front with a new round from Collibra. I changed the original post from SkyNews to add the word alledgedly, as the information seems to be the result of some premature leakage, a quite embarassing matter for the company. Let’s hope this does not affect in any way a closing of transaction.

Enjoy the read.



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