Saturday Morning Post (Nov 6th) by Luc De Vos

Dear Reader,

While the Western world is wrestling with climate change and going in panic mode, the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions China and Russia stay silent. Even more ridiculous Europe is “saved” by Poetin on gas supplies continuation this winter, gas which is produced and transported in the most polluting conditions ever. It is like Europe is on a blood infuse from a source polluted with AIDS, Hepatitis-C and Covid-19 at the same time.

Meanwhile all the markets go lunatic and have reached exuberantly irrational behaviour. This will certainly be a notable class case in the next century of how governments and politicians managed to show this level of stupidity.

Our portfolio is doing good despite continuing to stay 65% in cash. My golden tip this month is telecommunications and used cars. 🤓

Enjoy the read.


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