Saturday Morning Post (Nov 20th) by Luc De Vos

Dear Reader,

Here is your Saturday Morning Post again.

Besides a few interesting stories about the ECB warning, Cazoo weirdly buying a Spanish company and China’s AI quartet under scrutiny the main part is dedicated to Austria’s decision to have a fourth lock-down. Christmas in Vienna will likely be more safe than  anywhere else in Europe.

The most intriguing element for me personally was that our own Belgium prime minister arguments in parliament and on television on Thursday evening that NONE other European country made vaccination mandatory and the ONLY countries in the world who do this are the (clearly exotic) four (Indonesië, Micronesië, Tadzjikistan en Turkmenistan). 🙄

Real life can be harsh as no more than a few hours later Austria announced its bold move.  Speaking about European harmony, bilateral consultation and perfect communication channels. 😱

Enjoy the read.



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