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Pitch Deck Services

Pitch decks are crucial for startups to attract investors. A good and a great pitch deck can make the difference between catching an investor’s interest or passing on the opportunity.

A pitch deck must communicate your idea clearly to investors. Many entrepreneurs struggle with the process of making a pitch deck. Finwise can assist.

Our team can help you put your story across according to best practice. The deck needs to answer all the questions that linger in the investor’s mind but which he is not necessarily communicating to you. Don’t forget that when looking at a deck, an investor is looking for reasons not to invest.  Even if it is art rather than science, there is a clear best practice in what a great deck should have.

We have many years of experience of working with startups, look at them every day and worked for many years on the investor side.  This allows us to see your business through the eye of your future investors.  We will make sure your deck ticks all the boxes and focuses on the right things.

Pitch Deck Feedback

We offer expert advice at an affordable price:

Price: Eur 450 (ex VAT)

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What you will get:

Delivery: 3 working days

Arne Smolders

Founder & CEO of Academic Labs

Hi Patrick, many thanks for the great feedback on the deck.

Create your Pitch Deck

A deck needs to have spark and trigger investors to have a discussion with the founders. It’s not easy to get it right. I you need a professional to take control of this, contact us. 

Our pricing is transparent: EUR 1,750 (ex VAT) for content and 90 Eur/hour (ex VAT) for graphic design.