Yes, fundraising sucks.

Startup entrepreneurs almost universally agree that raising money for their startup  is one of the biggest challenges and problems they face.  It is indeed often stressful, frustrating, time-consuming and it distracts founders from keeping the focus on product development or sales.

Fundraising for startups/scaleups is an extremely relationship-driven process based on trust.  Founders often try a spray and pray approach but not only is this ineffective, but it also reduces any potential goodwill.  And it’s unlikely to the big names in the newspaper that will fund your business.

We can’t promise you the process is ever going to be quick and easy, but our expertise and connections will put you in a far stronger position to optimize and maximize the whole process towards a good closing. 

We normally work as follows:

“No exclusivity”

We believe that exclusive agreements are not necessary and not to the benefit to a startup. 

“No retainer”

We believe that paying a set fee or a monthly fee is usually unnecessary. Exceptions are if we would do prepare a deck from close to scratch or a financial plan. So we normally only work on success fee.  

“Trusted referrals”

We do warm introductions/referrals to people you have no easy access to based on existing relationships & trust built over a long period. We don’t do mass-emailing or cold-calling.

“You’re in control”

As CEO you will still be leading the round. After initial introductions have been made, we don’t need to be present at each meeting unless you want us to.  We don’t put our logo on each of your documents.