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Home » Our syndicate succesfully raises a significant amount for UK Fintech Outfund

Our syndicate succesfully raises a significant amount for UK Fintech Outfund

We are very pleased that our Finwise 4D Ventures Syndicate has gone off to a flying start.

Last month our syndicate secured a large amount above our expectations for our first deal, UK Fintech Outfund.     This was the start of a great cooperation with 4D Ventures and we form a very complementary team.  Syndication is a combination of many things, ranging from deal selection and due diligence over copywriting to marketing and sales.

We’re proud we could help to make a difference in Outfund’s funding round. Thanks to the Odin team for structuring the SPV.

It confirms that the model of an individual deal-by-deal venture capital syndicate really resonates with investors.  We firmly believe in the syndicate model which allows investors to review deals and invest in deals they like, a choice they don’t have in a fund.

At Finwise 4D Ventures we are looking for the best entrepreneurs to back and have a strong focus on quality due diligence. We want to give our investors access to the best early-stage investments alongside the best global VCs.   Access to the best deals is vital but usually out of reach for private investors and minimum amounts can be a hurdle. A syndicate investing through a special purpose vehicle (we use market leader Odin) makes early stage investing a lot more democratic allowing people to build a diversified portfolio. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to receive our deal flow or subscribe through our website.


Why did we select Outfund?

Daniel Lipinski certaintly fits the category of great entrepreneurs having previously founded the venture-backed parcel delivery startup ParcelBright which he sold to e-commercy inventory Veeqo which has since been acquired by Amazon.  Also, James Auty, Chief Risk Officer impressed us with his extensive experience in risk management and finance.

They have been steadily building Outfund focusing on quality over volume. The company resisted the tempation to go for quick market share and now reaps the rewards of reaching profitability based on a quality loan book with low credit losses where some big competitors are struggling.

We are pleased to invest along specialist Fintech VC 6Degrees Capital and PostFinance (the venture capital arm of Swiss PostFinance) and a number of high-profile angels and family offices.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our first cohort of co-investors for their trust & co-investing along with 4D & Finwise (as we always co-invest alongside the investors for a substantial/meaningful part in our own deals)