A trusted partner

A trusted Partner for investors

Finwise offers investors a privileged access to selective investment opportunities.  We have built an excellent image within the early-stage investor community due to the high quality of the investment opportunities we can source and offer. 

We are fully aware that investors are often flooded with second-tier investment proposals that our not within their investment parameters or which are not investment-ready.  

We avoid this by being highly selective and rigorous before accepting mandates. Our pre-vetting process ensures that we only show opportunities that are truly interesting from an investor point of view and in line with their investment thesis.  

We work with all actors within the eco-system:

Angel investors/angel syndicates: Private individuals that invest in early stage ventures. Often former entrepreneurs or C-level managers who can also bring you valuable networks and help you scale your business.

HNWI/UHNWI: High net worth individuals (who are not dedicated angel investors but occasionally allocate a small percentage of their funds to a venture they really like)

Family offices: Traditionally very discrete in-house wealth management structures of wealthy families

Venture capital Funds (“VC”): funds specialised in early stage investments

Corporate Venturing Funds (“CVC”): corporate funds that directly invest in external startup companies

Government or university funds/incubators

Institutional investors

We believe early stage fundraising is still often too local and are a firm believer of cross border matchmaking. Visionary investors understand very well that the best startups and the best opportunities require you to look beyond your local borders.